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Mentor Evidence-Based NGOs Incubated by Charity Entrepreneurship

You are an experienced entrepreneur, charity professional, or researcher with a passion for impact: consider becoming a mentor at Charity Entrepreneurship!

In July/August, we’ll run our 2020 Incubation Program that will see new high-impact charities formed in animal advocacy, health and development policy, mental health and happiness, and family planning. We offer our incubatees access to a mentorship network, and encourage interested individuals to submit their interest in becoming a mentor here. Mentors at Charity Entrepreneurship will benefit from:

  • Considerable impact by advising young organizations at critical junctures

  • Low investment in time

  • A network of mentors that also support each other through peer-mentoring

  • The joy of helping to create something from scratch with value-aligned and motivated founders

Both mentors with general knowledge, such as running a startup, and very specific knowledge, such as one type of family planning program, are very welcome. Our application process allows future mentors to indicate a mentorship experience that suits their needs in terms of:

  • Time commitment: even 2 hours per month could go a long way

  • Communications preferences: e.g. videoconference vs. email

  • Cause area preferences: e.g. a preference for animal advocacy

  • Your areas of expertise: e.g. monitoring and evaluation

In terms of areas of expertise, we generally look for the whole range of topics that apply to a startup charity: from strategy to operations (including management) to impact assessment. However, the following areas are in particularly high demand:

  • Fundraising (clearly the number one demand: including private, institutional, and corporate fundraising)

  • Cost-effectiveness analysis

  • Charity registration and compliance in the US and UK

Our charities decide which mentor they would like to reach out to at what point. The CE team will ensure that requests for mentorship are coordinated and will check in with you to see whether you are interested in a specific request. Not getting requests does not reflect on the quality of your mentorship offer. As you know, startups have many high-priority tasks to accomplish and will only reach out when specific questions arise. There is no precommitment when you sign up as a mentor. So we encourage you to take five minutes and sign-up now. Many thanks!

P.S. Which 1-2 individuals in your network would make great mentors (too)? Thanks for taking the time to forward this post by email or social media. 🙏


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