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Identifying the next great charity ideas

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Only a small number of charities are amongst the most effective in the world. We continually profile and study these rare organizations, so that we can help launch more of them.

Our team conducts thousands of hours of research each year to identify the most exciting new charity ideas. We prioritize cost-effectiveness, impartial evidence, and exceptional levels of expected impact.

We publish detailed reports on the top 3-5 ideas for peer review and then recruit, train and fund aspiring entrepreneurs to bring them into reality.

Top Ideas to Start in 2022


To date, our research process has successfully identified 34 highly effective charity ideas across 5 vital cause areas.

We produce dozens of reports that inform our decisions about the top ideas for charities we should start. We publish them in open access to provide other researchers and organizations with useful data.

Animal Advocacy

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Global Health & Development

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EA Meta

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Top ideas to launch in 2024

We’re pleased to share with you our top four charity ideas to launch through our August-October 2024 Incubation Program.

Advocacy for salt intake reduction

An organization seeking to convince governments and the food industry to lower the content of salt in food by setting sodium limits and reformulating high-sodium foods. 

Ceramic filters for improving water quality

An organization focused on reducing the incidence of diarrhea and other waterborne illnesses by providing free ceramic water filters to families without access to clean drinking water.

Facilitating international labor migration via a digital platform

An organization that would facilitate the international migration of workers from low- and middle-income countries using a transparent digital platform paired with low-cost personalized support.

Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) groups for maternal and newborn health

An organization focused on improving maternal and newborn health in rural villages by training facilitators and running PLA groups – a specific type of facilitated self-help group.

Our February-March 2025 Incubation Program will be focused on Expert-sourced neglected interventions in the areas of Global Health and Development and Farmed Animal Advocacy.


Our primary goal is to identify the most high-impact intervention opportunities. Our approach is to conduct increasingly deep rounds of inquiry into the ideas that survive each previous stage. Ideas that we can’t discredit move forward for further interrogation.


The process starts with inputs from across the NGO sector and academia where we collect and brainstorm hundreds of the most promising ideas worldwide per cause area.


Each idea then goes through a multiple-stage process to sort from the most to the least promising.


This process varies depending on the cause area we’re investigating in a given year and results in 3-5 ideas that we believe are exceptionally high value and plausible.

Learn more about our research process for a given year:

Our Research Process


Research findings can change the world or be ignored entirely. In this talk, filmed at the EA Global conference, our Co-founder Karolina Sarek examines how to ensure your research is impactful and decision-relevant.

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