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Incubation Program

Start a high-impact charity with our evidence-based ideas, expert training, and funding up to $200,000.

Applications now open! Deadline: April 14, 2024

We’re excited to announce that applications are open for the upcoming CE Incubation Programs:

  • August 12 - October 4, 2024

  • February-March 2025

Applications now open!

You can now use this AIM joint application form to also

apply for our Research Program (the same deadline applies).

Top ideas to launch in 2024

We’re pleased to share with you our top four charity ideas to launch through our August-October 2024 Incubation Program.

Advocacy for salt intake reduction

An organization seeking to convince governments and the food industry to lower the content of salt in food by setting sodium limits and reformulating high-sodium foods. 

Ceramic filters for improving water quality

An organization focused on reducing the incidence of diarrhea and other waterborne illnesses by providing free ceramic water filters to families without access to clean drinking water.

Facilitating international labor migration via a digital platform

An organization that would facilitate the international migration of workers from low- and middle-income countries using a transparent digital platform paired with low-cost personalized support.

Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) groups for maternal and newborn health

An organization focused on improving maternal and newborn health in rural villages by training facilitators and running PLA groups – a specific type of facilitated self-help group.

Our February-March 2025 Incubation Program will be focused on Expert-sourced neglected interventions in the areas of Global Health and Development and Farmed Animal Advocacy.

The Charity Entrepreneurship Incubation Program is a two-month, cost-covered training program that gives a small cohort of talented people from all over the world everything they need to launch a field-leading charity:


The necessary training

Co-founder matching

A well-connected and collaborative community

An evidence-based and cost-effective intervention idea

Seed funding to get started

Since 2018, we have assisted 50+ individuals from a wide range of backgrounds in launching 27 high-impact charities. Several are now on track to becoming field leaders, surpassing the cost-effectiveness of most impactful interventions in the areas of global health & development, animal welfare, and family planning (as evaluated by respected organizations such as Founders Pledge, GiveWell, and Rethink Priorities).

Join them by applying to our next Incubation Programs!


Get ready to start a charity through our two-month full-time, cost-covered training program.

In 42 applied partner projects, video lectures, and discussion groups, the Incubation Program teaches you everything you need to know to launch a field-leading charity. You’ll learn while creating the building blocks for your own charity, from a review of the evidence base to its 1-year plan and budget. 

What you'll learn:

Evaluation Skills

  • Theory of Change

  • M&E

  • Cost-effectiveness analysis

  • Scientific evidence review

Leadership Skills

  • Strategic planning

  • Prioritization

  • Task management and productivity

  • Pitching

  • Fundraising

Operations Skills

  • Operations

  • Financial planning

  • Legal setup

  • HR 

Hands-on skills

  • Working with stakeholders

  • Pilot program design

  • Insights from our top charities

The program runs online, with two weeks in person. Learn more about the structure, content, and benefits of the training:


Choose from 5-6 high-impact intervention ideas

Every year, our research team dedicates thousands of hours to analyzing hundreds of ideas, finding the top 5-6 intervention ideas for new charities to implement. This ensures that participants in our Incubation Program can successfully launch charities that the world truly needs.

We prioritize


Convergent scientific evidence

Exceptional levels of expected impact

We supply 80+ hour research and implementation reports so you can find your best fit during the program - and then hit the ground running to turn the intervention ideas into impactful organizations.



When we ask alumni what they found most valuable about the program, they mention our co-founder matching.


Throughout the program, you will collaborate with accomplished individuals from around the globe while our team of experienced mentors assists you in selecting the ideal partner for your journey.

Learn what it is like to take part in the program directly from participants:


Receive a seed grant of up to $200,000 USD to launch your high-impact nonprofit at record speed.

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At the end of the Incubation Program, founders pitch their charities to our seed network. Since the first Incubation Program in 2019, over 80% of proposed charity interventions have received seed funding to kick-start their first year of operations. These commitments are made within a week of graduating from the program.

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Join a highly collaborative community from around the world.

Over the last five years, we have built a community of 100+ alumni, charity entrepreneurs, nonprofit professionals, funders, and advisors. Whether you seek guidance on hiring, management, scaling up your intervention, establishing connections with an M&E agency, or navigating discussions with foreign governments, our network is here to support you every step of the way.


Starting a charity could be one of the most impactful career paths you might ever take.

By becoming a nonprofit entrepreneur you will build robust career capital and reach an impact equivalent to $338,000-414,000 donated* to the best charities in the world every year (e.g., GiveWell top charities)! If you do exceptionally well, we estimate that your impact can grow to $1M in annual counterfactual donations. This makes nonprofit entrepreneurship one of the most impactful jobs you could take!

*This calculation represents our most accurate estimate as of June 2023. It is based on assessing the average impact of charities we have launched and considers the counterfactual contributions of our co-founders—how much additional impact they have compared to what they would have achieved in another impactful role.

To date, we have helped launch 31 impact-focused nonprofits and secured them over $3 million in seed grants. They are now reaching over 20 million humans and have the potential to help up to 1 billion animals with their interventions. Here are some key highlights of their impact:


  • ~3 GiveWell Incubation Grants totaling $10 million

  • ~ 11 x more cost-effective than cash transfers (GiveWell estimates)

  • 1.2 million beneficiaries consuming fortified wheat flour

  • 49 miller partnerships, and 2 potential government partnerships that can affect millions more

Read more about the impact of our charities here:


If you…

Are excited to make a huge impact with your career

Like moving fast and working on a variety of different tasks

Feel motivated by new challenges

… it may well be!

Since starting our Incubation Program in 2019, we have trained 84 incubatees from a wide range of backgrounds, ages, and nationalities. We are not looking for any specific type of work experience or formal education. What our incubatees have in common is…

  • A deep dedication to doing good

  • Ambition to make rapid progress and achieve results

  • The drive to always keep learning

  • The grit and creativity to keep going even in the face of difficulties

  • Diverse and complementary skill sets

Learn what they were doing before the program and why they decided to join: