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Peter Singer

Professor of Bioethics, Princeton University, author of Animal Liberation and The Life You Can Save.

In books like Animal Liberation, The Life You Can Save, and The Most Good You Can Do, I have argued that we should aim to reduce avoidable suffering for every sentient being, and as far possible enable them to live the best life possible for them. Over the past decade I have been greatly encouraged by the many people who have made this one of their life-goals and decided to focus their donations, or planned their entire careers, so as to provide the most effective possible assistance to those most in need.

Charity Entrepreneurship was created by a group of young individuals who were inspired by my writings and those of others thinking along similar lines. They are eager to make the world better and to give others an opportunity to do the same. This book provides thoughtful, engaging, and very useful practical advice for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start high-impact charities. All of this with one goal in mind: to do the most good we can.

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We distilled our experience, advice, and expertise into this full-length guide on how to start your own organization from scratch. You can learn how the practical know-how of lean start-ups can be combined with effective and altruistic thinking, and take the first step in your journey toward making a difference.

What will you find in the book?

  • The benefits and challenges of becoming a charity entrepreneur

  • Best practices in fundraising and building support

  • The decision-making tools you’ll apply to your most important decisions

  • How you will measure your impact and optimize as you test and improve

  • Knowing yourself, your values, and deciding if this career is the right fit for you

  • Finding the advisors, board members, and mentors to support you in your journey

  • The foundation for daily operations, legal compliance, and registering as a charity

  • The range and value of the resources–from ready-made templates to critical applications–available to you as you launch

Past charity founders also share their experiences, inspiration, know-how, and advice.


We recommend this book not only for aspiring charity entrepreneurs or founders running early-stage nonprofits but also for anyone interested in high-impact career options. All the proceeds of the book will directly support our work and help launch new charities through our Incubation Programs.


…This book covers pretty much everything you'll need in the first couple of years and suggests further resources for the future (...). It seems like all the best advice from the years of charity entrepreneurship experience was collected, combined with the industry best practice, and organised into neat chapters (...). - Sofia

This is a great book to learn how to strategize and execute a new nonprofit organization. It covers meta-level issues, such as how to make sound decisions. To more practical issues, such as setting up a board. To even more practical, such as financial management. It's written in an engaging and accessible way. Highly recommended for "entrepreneurs" of new nonprofits and those considering it. - Keyon

 …More than just a guidebook for launching a charity, it's an inspiring book on how to make the world a better place and empowers the reader to take matters into their own hands, take action and start an effective non-profit! - Cameron

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