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  • Deadline: February 15, 2022 

  • Expected hours: Full-time

  • Location: London or remote

  • Fill out this form to apply

Philanthropic Foundations are incredibly important. But few high-involvement resources are available to the founders and advisors of these vital grantmaking organizations. 


At Charity Entrepreneurship, we are launching a training program tailored to helping individuals who are launching new foundations. As such, we need a Content Development Specialist to help build out this learning material. This will be a senior role and will involve considerable ownership of the program. 


An unexpected but welcome result of Charity Entrepreneurship’s recent growth has been the  significant impact derived from working with the founders of charitable foundations. Specifically, our existing training content and handbook has been used by a number of foundations and grantmakers to improve their impact, particularly in the early stages of foundation or department set-up. Overall, this impact has been large enough to encourage us to pilot a training program specifically for the founders of philanthropic foundations in 2022. 


Charity Entrepreneurship (CE) is a research and training program that launches multiple high-impact charities annually in a number of rotating cause areas. These include animal advocacy, mental health, global health and development, effective altruism, and policy. 

About CE


We have a considerable amount of expert content, including a 2-month program and handbook. Much of this training is cross-applicable to young foundations. However, there are some important areas that need to be developed (e.g., funder-specific considerations, counterfactual donations, and coordination challenges). The Content Development Specialist would, together with the Director of Strategy and advice from multiple experts in a variety of established foundations, create tailored content leveraging CE’s current methods, experience, and knowledge pool. 


Given the demand we are already seeing, we expect that this program, if well designed, will likely grow to be as impactful as our current Incubation Program. This job would be a good fit for someone who wants to work with or in foundations, or in content creation and program management, long-term. 


This role is a good fit for a talented generalist as it will involve a wide range of tasks including needs analysis, desk research, expert interviewing, writing, organizing, and decision-making. As such, the Content Development Specialist will be a senior staff member and will be involved in the leadership of the program. Although the foundation team will have considerable resources to draw on, creating a new program in a year at our typical level of quality is no small feat. 

Responsibilities will include:

  • Creating written and video project content that builds up the knowledge of a foundation aiming to become highly impactful 

  • Project managing the creation and implementation of the program

  • Helping to run the program (most likely over summer 2022) for the first time, including consulting calls  

  • Speaking to a wide number of foundations and past CE incubatees to move the key elements from our existing content over to the new program and identify gaps that need more work 

  • Building models and character profiles of ideal foundations and their expected impact

  • Researching cross-cause area funding gaps 

  • Designing high-level measurement and evaluation systems for evaluating grants

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Image: Charity Entrepreneurship’s current Incubation Program benefits.

Our culture

CE is a welcoming and scientific working environment. We believe that friendliness, a focus on evidence base, critical thinking, and kindness are key workplace values. We offer a lot of team socials, both in-person (in London) and online, and have a connected community.


CE has a start-up culture. This means creativity, casual attire, hard work, flexibility, and task diversity. You will be expected to have a strong work ethic, but we offer a flexible working schedule. 10% of your time can be devoted to personal development and learning, including fairly extensive internal and external training.


Our employees tend to learn a lot and wear many hats. Our team is obsessed with spreadsheets, often has long psychological chats at lunch, and is highly EA-aligned. We have managed to maintain an entrepreneurial spirit despite our growing team size (10 → ~15). We have office space in London and Berlin, but also consider talented remote applicants.

What we offer

  • A time-effective and cross-applicably useful job application process (even if you are not hired)

  • A job that has a huge impact on the world

  • The chance to shape the direction, goals, and achievement of the organization

  • Huge opportunity for learning and growth and a heavy focus on training in cross-applicable communication skills. 

  • Flexible working schedule and days off per year

  • Experience working at an early-stage nonprofit start-up

  • Experience working with a number of foundations

  • Community of talented, dedicated, and like-minded EAs

  • High levels of intellectual challenges 

  • For the right employee, more perks and benefits could be included

  • Salary and moving costs are flexible depending on employee needs

About this role
What we offer
Our culture


Excellent candidates will meet many (but not all) of the criteria below. We encourage you to apply even if you do not meet all of the listed characteristics. In the past, we have offered positions to applicants who did not meet all the criteria and trained them up in the needed skills. We have also seen great applicants nearly rule themselves out before applying. We are looking for baseline abilities and mindset more so than specific backgrounds.

We’re looking for someone who is:

  • Passionate about quickly learning new skills

  • Excited and willing to work across cause areas  (animal advocacy, global health, effective altruism, mental health, and family planning)

  • Able to move to and work in London, ideally, or Berlin (exceptions may be made for excellent applicants who do not meet this criterion)

  • Able to work flexibly in a small team and take initiative independently

  • Able to have a positive influence on the teams they work in and around

  • Passionate about the gaps that could be filled by impact-focused foundations 

  • Highly impact-driven with a very strong work ethic as well as able to work in a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment. 

  • Results oriented, utilitarian minded, and loves high levels of intellectual challenge 

  • Comfortable with numerical quantification and simple spreadsheet calculations

  • Confident with strong communication skills 

  • Excited to work in this role and feels as though it is a great fit

  • Well-versed in the effective altruism community

Bonus points for:

  • Experience working for a foundation or other grantmaking body

  • Formal experience working in effective altruism (volunteering, independent projects, internships, and jobs all count)

  • Experience with video creation or video editing

  • Background with a GiveWell-recommended or CE-incubated charity

  • Background experience in content creation

About you
What we are looking for
Bonus points for


We aim to make our application process time effective and beneficial to the applicant in thinking through career options. We are able to give feedback to candidates who get relatively far in the process. 

  • The application deadline is February 15, 2022 

  • Expected hours: Full-time

  • Location: London or remote

  • Fill out this form to apply

  • The top candidates will be contacted for the first-stage interview

The application process will involve 4 stages: submitting the application form, initial interview, test task, final interview, and sometimes a reference check. We hope to have the application process completed by mid March. Ideally, candidates will begin onboarding as soon afterwards as possible. If you are interested in multiple roles within CE, please use the application form for your first choice. You will later have the option to indicate interest in other roles. 

Commitment to diversity and equal employment opportunities

​We are committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and encourage individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences to apply. We especially encourage applications from women and people of color who are excited about contributing to our mission. Charity Entrepreneurship is an equal opportunity employer. If you need assistance or an accommodation due to a disability, or have any other related questions about applying, please contact

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