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Maximize your impact and help us launch more effective nonprofits! 

At CE, we believe that helping more effective charities to exist in the world is the highest-impact thing we can do with our careers


And we want to help you maximize your impact


Check out the current career opportunities across our incubated charities:

1) Agricultural Economist, Fish Welfare Initiative, project-based consultancy position, preferred in India. Deadline: ongoing.
2) Volunteers, Healthier Hens, Germany, Kenya or the US. Deadline: ongoing.
3) Senior Operations Officer, Fortify Health, India - Maharashtra.
4) Senior M&E Officer, Fortify Health, India - Indore.
5) Partnerships Officer (Government Relations), Fortify Health, India - Amravati.
6) Associate Director of Operations, Fortify Health.

Joining one of these organizations will typically mean an intense but flexible work environment that is both challenging and hugely rewarding. Few other career paths combine the variety and speed of entrepreneurship with the rigor and impact of Effective Altruism.