STARTED: Incubation Program 2021


Dr. Kikiope Oluwarore
Co-founder & Head of Field Operations

SEED GRANT: $100,000


Isaac Esparza

Co-founder & Head of Logistics


Lukas Jasiunas, PhD
Head of Research

Improving the welfare of egg-laying hens via cost-effective dietary interventions.


  • Our initial cost-effectiveness analysis shows that we can start improving the lives of hens at $1.60 per hen by the end of year two.

  • Our lobbying efforts, if legislation and enforcement is passed, would increase our impact to an estimated 4.6 million hens over 10 years at $0.60 per hen.


  • After an extensive country selection process, we have selected Kenya as our pilot country of operations. In March 2022, we hired a full-time Country Manager who has helped us connect with 35+ farms, 12 feed mills, 13 government officials and industry leaders, as well as scope 7 of 15 egg farming prevalent counties. We have also submitted 26 commercial feed samples for testing as we gather data for our upcoming feed fortification trial. 

  • As we enter year 2 of our operations, we will promote hen welfare knowledge and capacity through farmer workshops, outreach and veterinarian training. This will also enable us to conduct a baseline study on keel bone fracture prevalence in Kenya, and measure the direct efficacy of dietary interventions on keel bone fractures via pilot feed trials. 


  • Introduced our intervention to relevant animal welfare and poultry experts, industry professionals, NGOs, and the greater EA community.

  • Selected our country of operations (Kenya), after a rigorous and systematic country scoping exercise.

  • Initiated a feed trial in collaboration with the leading keel bone fracture and hen welfare research group.

  • Completed Volumes 1 & 2 of our Literature Review on feed fortification.

  • Held three farmer workshops in Kenya focused on promoting animal (and specifically, hen) welfare knowledge and capacity.

  • Established our initial Advisory Board from key stakeholder groups.

  • Supported community building for Effective Altruism.


  • We are currently in need of funds for the rest of our Year 2 operations. We are aiming to secure $76k in funding for a 3 month runway beginning Q4 of 2022 or $127k for a 6 month runway, as to focus our attention on impact rather than fundraising efforts. In total, we need $180,000 more for Y2 operations

  • Also, as we enter year 2 we will continually grow in capacity on the ground as we add personnel, including a welfare/poultry nutritionist specialist, upskill/train current staff, and continue to implement interventions and evaluate our potential impact with experts, the EA community, and future partners.