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We equip funders and philanthropic professionals with the tools and skills they need to become effective and impactful grantmakers.

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The Problem

  • Starting and managing an impactful philanthropic organization can be a real challenge.

  • Grantmaking decisions are often high-stakes with significant uncertainties.

  • There are few quality resources available that educate funders on high-impact grantmaking.

The Solution

A philanthropic incubation program, providing grantmakers with the key methodologies and theories they need to make the best funding decisions possible.


The Foundation Program runs over the course of 3 months and requires a commitment of at least one working day per week. The learning will be active and practical, with weekly assignments, group discussions, expert sessions, and one-on-one coaching. These weekly activities are supplemented by original course materials developed by the Foundation Program team.

The program finishes with an in-person week, where participants work full-time on a final project. This final project will be selected in collaboration with the team, and will be tailored to the needs and interests of the participant. The in-person week will typically take place in an easy-to-access global city, such as London, New York, or Singapore.


The program seeks to develop the grantmaker’s capacity for high-stakes decision making. The content will include:

  • The basics of science and rationality, and how they apply to effective philanthropy

  • Determining which heuristics to use and which experts to trust

  • Interpreting and creating weighted-factor-models and cost-effectiveness analyses 

  • Monitoring and evaluation as a grantmaker 

  • How to identify your values, apply them to your giving, and find your focus

  • Vetting and hiring staff, and coordinating with other funders

  • Determining which giving vehicle is best for you 

  • Evaluating early-stage projects (one of our particular areas of expertise)

  • Neglected grantmaking strategies, and many more topics


Given our historical focus on early-stage organizations, our content will be best suited for philanthropic organizations that are either just starting out or undergoing a large-scale pivot.

Although we will touch on topics such as impact investing, the target participants of the Foundation Program are charitable grantmakers who give to nonprofit organizations. We aim for each cohort to share some common ground, whether that is cause area, size, background, or some other factor. We specifically look to incubate groups that could fill a key gap in the philanthropic ecosystem. The program will be best suited for a primary funder or first program officer, although certain exceptions do apply in the right circumstance.

If you are interested in learning more about the Foundation Program, contact Joey


After the program is over, many participants go on to join one of our cause-specific alumni funding circles. These circles provide a space for continued learning and collaboration. Giving effectively is a lifelong practice, and it can be helpful to cement what you’ve learned in the Foundation Program with a community of funders dedicated to high-impact giving in your area of interest. In certain cases, philanthropists who did not take part in the program will be permitted to join.

For more information on our funder’s circles, contact Will.

Website Incubation Program Page Graphics


Many thanks to the team for putting this program together! You have truly been excellent mentors and taught me a lot. I've also been super inspired by your dedication and drive to maximize your impact.

What a super valuable experience this has been!

Thanks for all your hard work.

Deep gratitude to the whole team who took a chance on me. I for one am definitely in a much better place now than before. I know I'll be a better steward of the org thanks to the work you did, I'm guessing a 30% improvement at least.

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