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STARTED: Incubation Program June-August 2023


SEED GRANT: $150,000


MONEY FUNDRAISED TO DATE (Nov 2023): $150,000

TEAM SIZE (Jan 2023): 2 FT


Providing treatment for young children to prevent deaths from diarrhoeal diseases.


  • Clear Solutions plans to pilot their base intervention of community health worker provision of free ORS+zinc door-to-door in up to 3 states of Nigeria in the coming 6 months. Nigeria tragically has a diarrhoeal death toll of children under-5-years-old estimated at over 100,000 per year.  ORS has the potential to avert 93% of these deaths at full scale but its usage rates remain low at below 50%. Zinc provides additional benefits such as reduced diarrhoeal duration and prevention of future episodes for up to 3 months, and its usage rate remains even lower despite the co-usage recommendation by the WHO. This means a huge potential for impact as their intervention is refined and scaled.


  • An August 2023 GiveWell ORS & Zinc report modelled an intervention similar to our plans, executed in Nigeria, at $2.6K per death averted. Sub-national variation in diarrheal morality and (lack-of) ORS+zinc usage is significant, and we weigh these drivers of cost-effectiveness heavily in our choice of Nigerian states and sub-state regions.


  • Their country visits are underway, with meetings of National & State Primary Health Care agencies, implementation partners, and the communities they serve. The details of their early-2024 pilots are being refined as the team learns more about the community contexts and current primary healthcare provision.

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