STARTED: Incubation Program 2021


SEED GRANT: $63,000

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The Center for Alcohol Policy Solutions (CAPS) is an evidence-based non-profit organization that aims to save lives and promote well-being through alcohol taxation, the single most effective policy solution to prevent and reduce alcohol related harm, thus saving millions of lives.


  • Alcohol harm has an individual and a social dimension. People other than the alcohol users experience harm in the form of violence, crime, road traffic fatalities, reduced workplace productivity, and when the user is pregnant, harm to the fetus. When these second-hand harms and the damage to alcohol users are combined, the total harm from alcohol is about double that from tobacco. This illustrates the need to make alcohol harm a priority that commensurates with the burden it actually is. 

  • Our first country of operation will be Sri Lanka. Cost-effectiveness analysis shows that our intervention has the potential to be highly cost-effective with a Benefit:Cost ratio of $83.94. We could avert 25,700 DALYs for $128 per DALY.

  • During our first 12 months of operation, we aim to launch the organization, systematize and disseminate compelling evidence about the potential of alcohol taxation in Sri Lanka, and get an innovative advocacy initiative off the ground. By the end of the first year, we will have established a partnership with the government sector to develop and advance alcohol taxation.

  • By year five, we expect to have successfully passed legislation in at least one country and to be present with alcohol taxation initiatives in at least five more countries.


  • Introduced CAPS to WHO and World Bank, resulting in a speaking engagement at a WHO event.

  • Has established cooperation with Movendi International on gathering the best examples and developments in alcohol taxation around the world as well as joint advocacy efforts.


  • In progress: A report on alcohol taxation in Sri Lanka - done by end of March 2022

  • In progress: Alcohol taxation and effective altruism - done by the end of January 2022


  • For the continuation of our advocacy work in Sri Lanka, we would annually need at least $30,000 for the salary of the Advocacy Director, additional reports, technical assistance to the government, and communications.

  • Our current funding is calculated to last until the end of August 2022. However, as we wish to recruit a co-founder who would be more actively involved in fundraising and communications and we foresee a need for technical assistance with the introduction of an alcohol taxation mechanism in the country, an additional $30,000 in 2022 would be necessary.

  • Moreover, there are several countries that expressed interest and requested help in their work on alcohol taxation legislation. Parallel work in several countries is possible and would be ideal.

  • Alcohol policy advocacy is a several-years-long process that annually requires between $30,000 - $70,000 in Southeast Asia and double as much in a country on the African continent.