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STARTED: Incubation Program February-March 2023

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SEED GRANT: $110,000

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Mandy Carter

Co-founder, Executive Director

MONEY FUNDRAISED TO DATE (Aug 2023): $110,250

TEAM SIZE (Aug 2023): 2 FT, 6 advisors

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Rainer Kravets

Co-founder, Executive Director

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 Ensuring animal welfare standards are upheld in international trade policy


  • A law restricting the sales of low-welfare animal products in New Zealand could save approximately 8 million fish per year from suffering poor living conditions, transportation, and slaughter practices, spare 400,000 pigs from cruel farrowing crates, and 400,000 chickens from inhumane living conditions. Furthermore, successfully introducing the law in a single country could set a positive international precedent that could help achieve similar wins in other regions, and improve the lives of millions more globally.


  • Expected cost-effectiveness is ~7 animals helped per dollar in the first country, New Zealand. In the welfare points (WP) system the impact is 36.46 WPs per charity dollar.


In their first four months Animal Policy International has done the following:

  • Obtained $110,000 in seed funding.

  • Conducted a scoping visit to New Zealand, during which they held 32 meetings with a range of stakeholders, including policymakers, animal NGOs, industry representatives, farmers and academics. 

  • Attended the annual New Zealand Pork conference, at their invitation to meet key figures and build relationships.

  • Garnered support from important industry players and NGOs. By working together, they will be able to leverage their collective resources and expertise to create a greater impact. 

  • Established relationships with advisors with experience in advocacy, New Zealand animal welfare law, media and Government.


  • Secured meetings with politicians from all major parties ahead of the general election in October, including Labour, National, and Green, to present their case for applying equal animal welfare standards to products sold in New Zealand. 

  • Fulfilled a key interim goal, by having the Green Party include API’s imports ask in their election manifesto (p41). 

  • Published strong polling results showing that over 80% of Kiwis say imports should respect New Zealand animal welfare standards. The results, picked up by Farmers Weekly and The Daily Blog, were consistently high across voters from all political parties, indicating that voters are likely to support parties that prioritise animal welfare standards, aiding API’s advocacy efforts.


  • Poll: Over 80% of Kiwis say imports should respect NZ animal welfare standards

  • EA Forum post: Introducing Animal Policy International


  • API has funding until December 2023. They are currently seeking funding of $182,000 for their 12-month 2024 plan. This will help them to increase their advocacy efforts during a crucial advocacy year in New Zealand after the election

  • API would love to hear from interested donors. Reach out to Mandy or Rainer at /

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