STARTED: Incubation Program 2020


Amy Odene
Co-founder, Head of Operations & Strategic Partnerships

SEED GRANT: $100,000


George Bridgwater

Co-founder, Head of Research

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Animal Ask has been founded with the express aim to optimize and prioritize farmed animal welfare asks. They conduct in-depth research, narrowly targeted at key decisions between different animal asks, supporting animal charities, donors, policymakers, and governments so that they may do more good in the long term


  • So far, Animal Ask have partnered with a variety of animal advocacy groups through their Ask Prioritisation program. Preliminary results show that these organizations will use Animal Ask’s dedicated research to inform their strategic decision-making towards an optimal ask. Their internal models estimate that the collaboration increased the expected value of their campaigns by ~30% - Advocates for Animals, ~50% - Sinergia Animal, and ~70% - Sentience Politics, respectively. In expectation, between the three projects, this should result in ~2.3 million equivalent animal lives saved and 10s of millions affected. More detail on each of these partnerships can be found via the case studies on their website. Animal Ask is currently partnering with Animal Equality UK, the results of which will be published in Spring 2022


  • Announcement of partnership with Animal Equality UK (September 2021)

  • Announcement of partnership with Aquatic Life Institute (August 2021)

  • Announcement of partnership with Sentience Politics (July 2021) 

  • Sinergia Animal Case Study (July 2021)

  • Advocates for Animals Case Study (May 2021) 

  • Launch of pilot program with Sinergia Animal and Advocates for Animals (December 2020)



  • As we look to continue our impact-driven support service for the movement, we currently have an unfilled funding gap of ~$135,000 within our two-year budgeting plan. This could increase to ~$400,000 if our pending and predicted funding opportunities are not successful. Filling this funding gap would allow us not only to continue our work for the rest of 2021/22, but to scale up by hiring or finding a consultant research analyst with more legal experience in 2022. 

  • With your donation, we can continue to increase the value of campaigns within the farmed animal welfare space by ensuring that interventions are robustly researched, resulting in organizations putting their precious and limited resources towards the most impactful opportunities for animals.