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STARTED: Incubation Program 2020


Amy Odene
Co-founder, Head of Operations & Strategic Partnerships


George Bridgwater

Co-founder, Head of Research

SEED GRANT: $100,000

MONEY FUNDRAISED TO DATE (Aug 2023):$407,500

TEAM SIZE (Aug 2023): 3

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Animal Ask has been founded with the express aim to optimize and prioritize farmed animal welfare asks. They conduct in-depth research, narrowly targeted at key decisions between different animal asks, and supporting animal charities, donors, policymakers, and governments so that they may do more good in the long term.


  • No current impact as the campaigns as a result of their research have yet to be successful 

  • Animal Ask has helped direct the campaign selections of many different organizations, with a combined estimated spend of over $2 million dollars on these campaigns


  • Prioritization program moves approximately $15 of campaign spending towards more impactful campaigns for every dollar spent on research


  • Announcement of partnership with Animal Equality UK (September 2021)

  • Announcement of partnership with Aquatic Life Institute (August 2021)

  • Announcement of partnership with Sentience Politics (July 2021) 

  • Sinergia Animal Case Study (July 2021)

  • Advocates for Animals Case Study (May 2021) 

  • Launch of pilot program with Sinergia Animal and Advocates for Animals (December 2020)

  • Worked with Essere Animali on a report on the economics of fish slaughter in Italy and Greece (February 2022)

  • Partnership with Otwarte Klatki (April 2022)

  • CCTV report for Equalia (July 2022)

  • Worked with Aquatic Life Institute on their Benchmarking report

  • Partnership with Nevidimi Zhivotni (August 2022)

  • Consultation Collar Animal Law Foundation (September 2022)

  • Partnership with Animal Welfare Competence Center for Africa (October 2022)

  • Partnership with Dyrenes Alliance (On going)

  • Other reports published in 2022

    • Meat Tax

    • Divestment 

    • UK priorisation - code of practise for fish and low welfare imports 

    • Pathways to Victory 

    • Challenges with measuring lobbying

    • Corporate campaigns: scale of the ask

    • Symbolic Legislation

    • Subsidies within animal agriculture

    • Establish an independent office of animal protection

  • Independent Movement Strategy research examining the impact of different approaches the movement could take in their advocacy. Including minor political parties, consultations, sub and cross party groups, shareholder activism and insider activism. (Current 2023)

  • Economic evaluation of the transition to cage-free housing on the EU egg and pigmeat industries report for Eurogroup for Animals (May 2023)


  • Provided research to inform the campaign selection of eight animal advocacy  organizations

  • Provided research support for or reviews of the campaigns of eight animal advocacy organizations


  • $60,000

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