STARTED: Incubation Program 2019


Lauren Mee
Co-founder & CEO

SEED GRANT: $25,000 initially; $25,000 ~1 year later


Jamie Harris
Co-founder & Researcher


Animal Advocacy Careers helps organizations and animal advocates increase positive impact for animals.


  • AAC recently opened a free recruitment service for nonprofits, resulting in one candidate being placed into a senior role addressing a key bottleneck in the movement shortly after launch. However, the service is new, and AAC expects the number of placements to increase substantially in 2022.

  • Through the online course, at our 6-month analysis, 78% of participants changed the job that they were planning to apply for next, compared to only 45% of the control group.

  • 62 1-2-1 advising calls given resulting in career-related behavior changes, e.g. 17% started a new EAA position vs. 9% in the control group. In 2022 we will look to more thoroughly evaluate our impact of this service.


  • Hired two new part time staff: A recruitment specialist with over 2 decades of experience in recruitment, who is supporting effective animal advocacy organizations with their hardest to hire for roles, and an operations manager with over a decade of movement building experience in India who is supporting AAC to build a solid infrastructure for its future work. 

  • Secured 501(c)(3) status and ongoing registration for tax-exempt status in California.


  • Offered an introductory online course about effective animal advocacy and relevant career paths. With 3 separate cohorts we have had over 500 applicants to date.

  • Piloted free one-to-one advice calls. Around 150 applicants.

  • Conducted two longitudinal studies of the impact of the advising and online course.

  • Set up a skilled volunteering board to connect effective animal advocacy nonprofits to reliable volunteers with much-needed skillsets.

  • Connected job seekers to roles through a job board. At least one person has been hired who heard about the role through the board.

  • Piloted a free recruitment service for nonprofits, resulting in at least one candidate being placed through this

  • Recipient of 2 separate EA animal welfare fund grants, ACE movement building grant and Open Philanthropy General Support Grant (June, 2020) Secured 501(c)(3) status.


  • We are currently evaluating our services for this year and room for more funding will largely be determined when we have completed our strategic planning for 2022. If you are interested in donating please contact