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Recruitment and Outreach Specialist

Rika is responsible for representing CE to EA and non-EA audiences at events such as EAGs, EAGxs, and cause-specific conferences around the world, giving talks and workshops for EA or student groups and coordinating other potential events, e.g. book clubs.

Rika Gabriel

Previously, Rika co-founded Effective Altruism Blue in the Philippines and has done research on effective mental health interventions with EA Philippines. She has also interned in two CE-incubated charities: on research and communications with LEEP (Lead Exposure Elimination Project), and on research with FEM (Family Empowerment Media). She is also pursuing her undergraduate degree in Psychology at a high-ranking university in the Philippines and has written a thesis evaluating the effectiveness of a culturally-adapted Mental Health Application (MHApp) in improving the well-being and coping strategies of emerging adults.

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