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  • Deadline: April 11, 2022 

  • Expected hours: Full-time

  • Location: London, UK

  • Pay: Amount dependent on role fit and employee needs; £40,000-£60,000

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Charity Entrepreneurship, an incubator for high-impact charities, is seeking someone to lead our Operations department in London.


The best charities in the world have a huge impact. Charity Entrepreneurship is a start-up incubator dedicated to founding more great nonprofits. Our organization conducts research to identify the most promising potential charitable interventions, then runs a training program that incubates new, evidence-based nonprofit organizations.


Your role will be to lead the Operations department and help Charity Entrepreneurship, and dozens of new charities, run highly effectively. Many new organizations are slow to have an impact due to their struggles with operations. A strong operations lead can make a huge difference, positively impacting the lives of thousands of animals and humans. You will also have a significant role in shaping the long-term operations team.


This role is diverse and challenging, requiring a problem solver’s mindset and strong attention to detail. Our organization is unconventional, and as we help many different charities, the work ends up being highly diverse with often an unclear path forward. The Operations Director needs to excel under uncertainty and develop adequate solutions to a wide range of dilemmas. As an operational lead, you are responsible for finance, compliance, logistics, and human resources. You will also lend operations-related expertise and support to our incubated organizations.

Responsibilities include:

  • Support to the Incubation Program and CE’s incubated organizations

    • Coordinating with multiple newly-founded charities to set up and advise on earlier-stage operations systems

    • Supporting the in-person component of the Incubation Program (travel and accommodation, stipends, etc.)

    • Creating or improving operations-related training content for the Incubation Program

  • Finance and grant logistics

    • Bookkeeping (or overseeing outsourced bookkeeping)

    • Budget management

    • Coordinating incoming and outgoing grants

    • Handling payments to suppliers and expense reimbursements

    • Coordinating with accountants for year-end accounts preparation

  • Compliance

    • Filing year-end reports to the Charity Commission

    • Supporting the board of trustees in preparing their meetings

    • Drafting and implementing relevant policies

  • Logistics

    • Office management, including leases, utilities, supplies

    • IT management

  • Human resources

    • Onboarding new staff and preparing contracts

    • Payroll (or overseeing outsourced payroll)

    • Drafting, refining, and adhering to HR policies

    • Securing visas for staff hired from abroad

  • Managing other members of the operations team

    • Delegation and supervision of tasks for 1-2 people

    • Performance reviews


  • Work in a job with a huge impact on the world

    • Help us start multiple high-impact charities each year

    • Incubated charities rely on our operational support. Without CE’s Director of Operations, new charity founders would have to spend their first year setting up their organizations instead of jumping straight to executing. For example, because of operational support, LEEP was able to ban the use of lead paint in Malawi in their first 6 months after incubation. That would not have been possible if they had had to spend a year on registering a charity. In some cases, new charities would not have been able to start at all, as one of the main reasons potential founders report being scared to start their own projects is that operational hurdles at the beginning seem too overwhelming 

    • The right person will enable us to scale up and start more ambitious projects in the future 

  • Work in a team whose values are:

    • Ambitious altruism: We strive to maximize impact and aim high in our pursuit of making the world a better place, based on EA principles 

    • Consequentialism: We are results-oriented, with a high level of integrity and commitment to these results

    • Start-up culture: We are agile, lean, and flexible in our approach, iteratively improving through quick experiments and fast feedback loops

    • Science: We believe that empirical and systematic evidence is the most important for coming to key conclusions

    • Caring community: We value having a warm and connected community that is highly collaborative

  • Be a part of a community of ambitious, smart, highly talented EA entrepreneurs 

    • The CE community is not only its staff. It also includes our mentors, CE incubatees and the employees of incubated charities, and other people who decided to pursue a pathway of EA entrepreneurship, even if they were not incubated by CE. 

  • Be part of a casual environment, with little organizational bureaucracy

  • Get a strong résumé reference and build a wide set of skills

  • Enjoy flexible work hours and environment. We offer:

    • Flexible work hours according to your needs and rhythm 

    • Possibility of remote work 

    • 30 days of paid holiday

    • Unlimited sick leave

    • Paid parental, dependents, and compassionate leave

  • Receive training in important skill sets​​

    • We offer the budget and support to develop your skills professionally and personally in the areas that interest you (even if they are outside of your department)

About this role
What we offer


What we are looking for:

  • Passion for doing good in the world and excitement for helping Charity Entrepreneurship expand to new projects and/or launch additional charities

  • Background doing similar work

  • Experience with financial management

  • Enthusiasm for creating and optimizing systems

  • Intelligent and quick learner

  • Creative problem-solver

  • Detail-oriented individual

  • Excellent time-management skills

  • Minimum intermediate skills with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets

  • Solid interpersonal skills

  • Calm under pressure

  • Comfortable with risk and ambiguity

  • Good organizational skills and ability to organize tasks and big projects coherently

    You can see more about what makes a good operations lead here.

Bonus points for:

  • ​​Understanding of UK charity compliance

  • Have followed the written output from Charity Entrepreneurship projects

  • Good understanding of effective altruism concepts

About you
What we are looking for
Bonus points for


  • Expected hours: Full-time

  • Reports to: Director of Strategy

  • Location: London, UK

  • Pay: Amount dependent on role fit and employee needs; £40,000-£60,000

  • Application deadline: April 11, 2022

To apply: Fill out this short application form. The strongest candidates will be contacted for the first-stage interview

Commitment to diversity and equal employment opportunities

​We are committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and encourage individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences to apply. We especially encourage applications from women and people of color who are excited about contributing to our mission. Charity Entrepreneurship is an equal opportunity employer. If you need assistance or an accommodation due to a disability, or have any other related questions about applying, please contact

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