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Co-founder and Co-Executive Director

Karolina is Co-founder and Co-executive Director at Charity Entrepreneurship. There, she ensures delivery of key programs across multiple departments. She also trains and mentors Incubation Program participants in starting high-impact charities.

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Karolina also serves as a Fund Manager at Effective Altruism Animal Welfare Fund and a board member and advisor for various EA nonprofits and think tanks, such as Fish Welfare Initiative, WANBAM, and Legal Priorities Project.

​Before Charity Entrepreneurship, she co-founded an organization to improve the impact of nonprofits and social enterprises; worked on measurement and evaluation; and was a researcher for IBM and the Jagiellonian University (JU). At the age of 22, she became a university teaching fellow, lecturing at JU’s Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. 

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