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Director of Recruitment

Judith creates and executes highly predictive hiring and vetting processes to find the top 0.5% charity entrepreneurs for CE's Charity Incubation Program, creates educational content for CE's Grant-making Foundation Program, and contributes to various Outreach activities through talks and presentations.


Previously, Judith co-built up the Effective Altruist charity High Impact Athletes that raised over $300,000 USD for effective charities in its first year, co-managed a social start-up, and conducted research to identify high-impact, cost-effective charity interventions. She also holds a master's degree in Philosophy and has worked in two bioethics research groups.


Judith is a passionate generalist both at work and in her hobbies - when she is not in hyper-focus mode working, you might find her running forests and mountains, backpacking, playing music, or reading books.

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